SonicAbstraction: Catalyzing Social Evolution through Tech Innovation"

Founded in 2023, SonicAbstraction sprang from a desire to manifest a series of visionary ideas into reality. Our mission is focused on developing tools that not only challenge the status quo but also aim to reshape society for the better — making it more compassionate, conscious, and community-oriented.

We understand that monetizing such transformative content can be challenging. That's why we embed viable monetization models within each solution from the ground up, ensuring that our innovations are not only socially impactful but also economically sustainable.

Currently in our pre-seed phase for our favorite product DollarApp, we are actively seeking investments to fuel our journey of social transformation. We welcome forward-thinking investors, business angels, and like-minded entities to join us in this venture of substantial societal significance.

We are currently working to bring to life our DollarApp

DollarApp: Transforming Social Gestures into Financial Opportunities

Launched by SonicAbstraction, DollarApp is a pioneering platform designed to revolutionize the way social interactions are monetized.

By seamlessly converting digital affirmations like 'likes' and 'shares' into tangible financial support, DollarApp enables users to appreciate and reward content creators, service providers, and individuals directly through a secure, QR-code-based transaction system.

DollarApp is more than just a financial tool; it's a movement towards fostering a culture of recognition and generosity.

Whether it's tipping a helpful driver, supporting a favorite artist, or contributing to community projects, every transaction on DollarApp reinforces the social fabric that connects us all.

In an era where digital engagement is often fleeting and undervalued, DollarApp ensures that every interaction is meaningful and rewarded.

As we expand our user base and enhance our features, we invite investors and partners to join us in this journey of empowering and enriching digital communities worldwide.

Here is DollarApp website, and here is DollarApp’s Angellist pitch deck

DollarApp Pitch Deck here
DollarApp website

Who we are

Andrew Pomazkov: A Journey from Code to Innovation

With over 15 years of experience in software development, Andrew Pomazkov has a rich programming background in PHP, Python, Ruby, and VisualBasic. Originally from Ukraine, he immigrated to the USA five years ago, bringing with him a diverse portfolio of professional and life experiences.

In Ukraine, he launched several successful businesses and was actively involved in local politics, even running for city council in a major city. These experiences honed his leadership and problem-solving skills, teaching him the importance of clear communication and strategic thinking in both business and public service.

Since moving to the USA, he has immersed himself in the IT sector, gaining a deep understanding of the market dynamics there. This exploration has been a part of his broader journey towards dedicating himself fully to bringing to life the myriad of ideas he has accumulated over the years.

Today, as the founder of SonicAbstraction and the creator of DollarApp, he is committed to transforming society through technology. His approach to problem-solving is meticulous yet bold; he is not afraid to take the necessary steps to bring about change, while remaining open to constructive criticism and new ideas.

Outside of his professional life, he finds balance and inspiration through meditation and ocean fishing, practices that refresh his mind and fuel his creativity.

Join him in his quest to innovate and inspire, as he explores the potential of technology to connect and empower communities around the globe.

Elizaveta "Lisa" Harvey

Elizaveta "Lisa" Harvey is a dynamic co-founder of Sonic Abstraction, where she expertly manages project execution, legal compliance, and financial oversight. A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, Lisa has earned three Master’s degrees, showcasing her dedication to academic excellence and a broad knowledge base.

Lisa's entrepreneurial journey began with the creation of "European Delights," a company that specializes in offering gourmet specialty foods and catering services. This venture reflects her passion for blending cultural flavors and business acumen.

At Sonic Abstraction, Lisa’s role is pivotal in steering the company through complex projects while ensuring adherence to legal standards and financial health. Her multifaceted skills make her an indispensable part of the leadership team, driving the company towards innovative heights.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Lisa enjoys staying active with tennis and indulges in baking, which not only satisfies her creative flair but also provides a delightful escape from her busy career. Her combination of sharp business sense, academic prowess, and personal interests makes Lisa a significant contributor to the project.